2013 MS-1: The Wrath of Khan

Time for the latest episode in our ongoing MS-1 blog anthology. We have completed our testing and have ironed out a few last minute issues with the DRA’s latest MS-1 Report. We are creating the update discs right now. They should go in the mail this afternoon so look for them to arrive in the next few days.  Here are a few details…

  1. The DRA is making some final changes to the PDF so if you have already downloaded the file(s) from the DRA web site you’ll want to do so again to get the latest versions next week (should be available by late Monday).
  2. There’s been some discussion about what will be interpreted as a signed MS-1. It was easy back in the old days when the Selectmen actually signed a piece of paper. But the PDF has no signature lines and is to be submitted electronically. There is a series of check boxes on the first page of the PDF labeled By checking this box, I declare that I have examined the information contained in this report and to the best of my belief it is true, correct and complete under penalties of perjury.” We have been told by DRA that when you check this box and submit the PDF they will treat it as the equivalent of a signed MS-1. We recommend you also do the following, remembering that if you have one or more Districts/Precincts you will need to do the print/export/import process for each one:
    • Print the MS-1 report(s) generated by Avitar Assessing that contains a cover page with signature lines.
    • Export the XML file(s) for the MS-1 report(s) from Avitar Assessing as described in our documentation.
    • Import the XML file(s) into the PDF(s) provided by DRA and compare the information between the corresponding reports.
    • Save and then print the PDF(s) provided by DRA.
    • Present printed copies of both the Avitar system-generated MS-1(s) and the DRA PDF(s) reports to the Selectmen and have them sign the Avitar MS-1.
    • In the main PDF, check the corresponding box beneath “I declare that I have examined the information” and then submit the PDF(s) to DRA using the button provided.
    • Keep all of your printed and electronic reports in a safe place for like the next 23 years.
  3. Instructions and a summary of the process can be found in our online documentation. Use this resource — there’s a lot of information there, including a lovely little video demonstration Amy put together showing how to import your XML file into your PDF.
  4. Update notes, as usual, will be included on the update disc. But they are also available online and describe the several other features included in the update. (Yes, there is more to life than just the MS-1.)

As always, let us know if you have questions or problems or you don’t receive a disc.


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