Online Workshop–Building Permits Update 2.6.6

We are pleased to offer an online workshop to discuss our latest building permits update. There was a lot of information and many changes in this update that we don’t want you to miss.

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Informational Pop-Up Windows in Clerk

When processing a title and/or registration, there are many fields you may be unsure as to which option you should select. To better assist you in determining the correct option for these fields, we have added informational pop-up windows. To view the additional information, click on the label and an informational pop-up message will display. This functionality has been added to the following labels:

  • Last/Business Name – Displays DMV’s list of company registration months.
  • And/Or – Explains when to use each option on titles.
  • Joint Survivorship – Definition.
  • Purchased, Purchased Date, and Odometer – Helps you determine the proper Odometer and Date of Purchase to enter, and whether the vehicle should be listed as New or Used.
  • ID Type – Helps you determine the proper customer ID Type.
  • VIN – Guides you directly to the Chevrolet VIN Decoder website that DMV has approved for use in determining vehicle information that was not in Redbook.
  • Fuel, Model, Model Year, Body Style – Assists you in determining the proper values to enter in these fields.
  • Color – Displays abbreviation to use for each color.
  • Plate#/Chk – Displays Vanity Plate Hints.
  • Full/Business Name label (Lienholder Information section) – Displays instructions on how to remove a lienholder from a title when a customer has paid off the loan.
  • Gross Weight or Axles – Both categories will show the maximum GVW per axle.
  • Type/Cat – A message will display asking if you want to view DMV plate type information. If you select “Yes”, a list of all DMV plate types will open in your browser.
  • Process Header (e.g. 12 Month Renewal Registration, Title Application – AP) – When you are processing transactions, at the top of the screen is the Process Header, which tells you what process you are doing (e.g. 12 Month Renewal Registration). If you click the Process Header, additional information will display.

Please see our online documentation for more useful tips.

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2022 MS-1 Report Information

For the first time in a long time, there are no changes for 2022 to the MS-1 Report file specification. See below for what this means for you with respect to generating your 2022 MS-1 Report and submitting it to the DRA:

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NH Motor Vehicle Kiosk Upload

Avitar developed the NH Motor Vehicle Kiosk at the request of several client municipalities to enable residents to obtain an estimate of how much it will cost to register or renew their motor vehicle without having to call the clerk. When enabled within a community, this website (also referred to as Avitar’s Online Price Quote application) produces estimates by matching the customer’s vehicle to actual registrations of similar vehicles in the website’s database, and providing the customer with the average cost, as well as the highest cost, for registrations of similar vehicles.

Because the website uses transaction data from past registrations to estimate the costs for future registrations, the accuracy of the estimates the website provides is only as good as the data in the Motor Vehicle Kiosk database. Therefore, if your municipality has this functionality, you will need to periodically upload data from your local database. To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Avitar Clerk
  2. Click Utilities | DMV Monthly Renewals | Upload Price Estimate Data
  3. Click Upload

NOTE: You may need to run the uploader (possibly multiple times) until you receive a message “there are no results to send.”  It is important that you close and re-open the uploader between each upload. 

For more useful tips, please refer to our online documentation.

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Online Workshop–Clerk Update 3.4.6

We are pleased to offer an online workshop to discuss our latest clerk update. There was a lot of information and many changes in this update that we don’t want you to miss.

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Edit Lien Book and Page

You have executed your lien, it has been recorded at the Registry of Deeds, and subsequently returned to you with book and page numbers. Now you need to enter those number values into Avitar Collect. The Edit Book & Page function allows you to, not only add those values to a single invoice, but, you can add them for a set of multiple invoices… and do so fairly quickly.

For the purpose of this blog post, we are going to use your 2021 lien invoices. You will need to begin on the Receivables Data Access tab in Avitar Collect. From there:

  1. Click the Query tab.
  2. In the row labeled Invoice:
    a. Click in the OPER column and select LIKE from the drop down menu.
    b. In the CRITERIA column, enter 2021L%
  3. Select Query to display the set of 2021L invoices.
  4. To add Book and Page number values:
    a. Click either the BOOK or PAGE icon.
    b. Enter book number and page number values.
    c. Click the icon that resembles a glue bottle.
    d. Select YES to confirm these will be your default values.
  5. Move through list using the OK/NEXT button to assign those values to each invoice.
  6. Change values as necessary.

For more information on this functionality, please see our online documentation: Edit Book and Page.

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Abatements on First Issue Tax Bills

With spring tax season upon us, we want to review the topic of abatements on first issue tax bills and the impact those abatements may have on the second issue tax bill.  If your municipality calculates two property tax warrants each year, there are a few things to remember regarding first issue abatements.

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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: Civil Forfeitures & Late Fees

The season of the dreaded Civil Forfeiture process for all dog owners who have failed to renew/license their dog(s) for last year is upon us… yet again.

The RSAs are very specific in regard to when you need to complete the civil forfeiture steps. Below is a timeline to assist you for when things need to be done, as well as links to instructions on how to create the civil forfeiture letters and assign the fees to the dogs.

  • June 1st to June 20th: Create your unlicensed dog warrant and list for all dogs that have not been renewed and/or have never been licensed. (Utilities | Unlicensed Dog Warrant). This list and warrant need to be given to your governing body (selectmen/alderman/councilors) for their signatures to authorize the issuance of the civil forfeiture letters and corresponding fees. (RSA 466:14 Warrants; Proceedings).
  • June 21st to July 11th: Your governing body will issue the warrant to “a local official authorized to issue a civil forfeiture for each unlicensed dog.” This could be your local police department, dog officer, or even you, if you send the letters by certified mail. (Utilities | Dog Civil Forfeitures). Note, if you use Invoice Cloud to process online dog payments, you need to upload the civil forfeiture notices to your biller portal, at least monthly.
  • By August 31st: Your local law enforcement officer, or whomever was named on the unlicensed dog warrant, must return a list showing the owners who paid and licensed their dogs, the dogs that were seized, and the owners who have not licensed their dogs, and may need to receive a summons to your district court. (RSA 466:16 Returns).

It is extremely important for you to be uploading your dogs to Invoice Cloud (if you have this functionality), on the first of each month, to include the $1.00/month late fee. For information on how to upload dog invoices to Invoice Cloud, and the frequency in which you should do so, select Dog Invoice Upload.

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Properly Supplementing Timber Taxes

We have received several calls recently from concerned tax collectors who have been told that they need to completely change the way they are supplementing Timber/Yield Tax invoices. Initially the guidance indicated that collectors would need to track Timber Yield Taxes separately outside of Avitar Tax Collect (using Excel or an abacus). We’ve asked around and it seems as if, with a few minor changes, you should still be able to use your Tax Collect system.  Following are a few of the common questions and answers as we currently understand the situation.

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Online Workshop–First Issue Tax Billing

We are pleased to offer an online workshop to discuss preparing your first issue tax bills. We have scheduled the workshop to coincide with the beginning of this annual process. If you are a new collector, or just someone that struggles with the process each year, this will be a great class for you!

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