Assessing Update and 2017 MS-1

We are waiting for word on a few last items before we distribute an Avitar Assessing software update. This update should be ready to go later this week and it will include a few slight changes for the 2017 MS-1 Report. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • All Veterans’ Credit: We distributed a blog post/email several months ago on the proper steps to follow if you needed to add/configure a new category of credit within the system because your municipality adopted the new 72:28-b All Veterans’ Credit. If you did so already, any new credits you’ve added will be interpreted properly on the MS-1. If you have not done so already you should refer back to the earlier post for more details.
  • MS-1 Submission: DRA has modified the process for submitting your MS-1 to DRA this year. Within Avitar Assessing you will still preview the report and export an XML file that contains all of the data for your report. But the DRA has eliminated the fillable PDF format you have used in previous years. Instead, you will upload the XML file directly to the DRA Equalization Web Portal. Many of you may have seen an online demonstration of the new process. If you did not, the guys at Axiomatic recorded a video of one session that is available on YouTube.  The first half of the demo covers how to manually input your MS-1 data within the portal — note however that you will not need to do this manually. The part with which you may want to familiarize yourself begins at approximately the 15:20 mark and covers how to upload an XML file you’ve generated from your CAMA system. Additionally, they’re putting together some online documentation to assist you with the new portion of the process.

So in the coming days look for a software update email from us with the appropriate download links. And in the meantime make sure you’ve configured any necessary new veterans’ credits.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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