MS-61 and Refund Abatements

I left out one item from yesterday’s post. If you have done any refund abatements in 2017 you should call us for a script that will fix how they are accounted for on your 2017 MS-61 Report, particularly if they were done on older invoices (e.g. a 2014 Lien). If we don’t run the script for you there’s a chance your MS-61 will not balance and you will not be able to close. So if you have any refund abatements (i.e. an abatement done this year to an invoice that was completely paid in a prior year) make sure to call us in the next few days. It’s a quick fix and it will keep you from hunting around at the last minute to determine why your report isn’t in balance. (If you’re not sure, run the Abatement Report for the entire year and see if you have any listed under Refund Abatements at the end of the report.)

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