Address Placement on Printed Tax Bill

With tax season upon us, most of you will be importing your property tax warrant and printing tax bills in the coming weeks. I’d like to alert you to a paper/perforation issue that may affect the visibility of the return address and/or owner mailing address, depending on the type and style of window envelopes in which you mail your bills. Continue reading

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Are you Backing up your Database?

Over the past couple of months, a few of our client municipalities have been hit with an encryption/ransom virus.  These types of viruses can encrypt all of the files (documents, Windows files, data, etc.) on your server/computers leaving them unusable unless you pay for the files to be unencrypted.  Should you be infected by one of these viruses, your IT vendor will most likely wipe the server/computers clean and reinstall using (hopefully) a backup.  Luckily, the municipalities in each of these cases had recent backups of their Avitar databases stored offsite that we used to quickly get their software up and running again. Continue reading

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2017 New Tax Collector Training

We have scheduled a new tax collector training session for May 16th, 2017 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. This session is open to new collectors, whether you are new to the position, new to the Avitar Collect system, or just need a refresher. This is a basic training session that will cover topics such as:

  • Multiple ways of paying invoices
  • Creating prepayments
  • Editing the payer/check number
  • Corrections after you have created the deposit
  • Process returned checks
  • Liening and deeding
  • The billing process (importing a warrant, assigning credits, printing tax bills)
  • Processing an abatement
  • Balancing: daily, monthly, and yearly

If you are planning on attending, please email Patty or call the office at 798-4419. You can consult our web site for our location and a map.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Replacing Peeling License Plates

We received a few inquiries lately regarding the procedure for replacing plates due to a peeling license plate. Here is how you should handle them. Continue reading

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Veterans’ Tax Credit Changes

Many of you are aware of the changes made possible by RSA 72:28-b which now allows municipalities to adopt an All Veterans’ Tax Credit expanding the eligibility to receive the credit to peacetime veterans who did not serve in a “qualifying war or armed conflict” listed in RSA 72:28. As many of your communities may have recently adopted the All Veterans’ Tax Credit, we want to recommend a method by which you can add the new credit within Avitar Assessing in a manner in which we’ll be able to properly report the new credits on the MS-1 Report once the DRA releases their 2017 version.

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Avitar Clerk Vision Update

The implementation of the new drivers licensing system (VISION) is fast approaching and we expect to distribute the Avitar Clerk 3.0.0 update that is compatible with the impending MAAP VISION changes to you on Monday, February 13th at 10:00 a.m.  Here are a few key requirements and dates to remember:

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New View and Waterfrontage Tools

Over the last several years, we’ve been quietly testing new functionality within the Avitar Assessing system that provides more tools with which to maintain, analyze, and assess the contributory values of views and waterfrontage. At this point we’re pleased with the results and we want to make these new tools available to any of you that wish to use them.

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DMV VISION Update Information

Most of you have received emails and updates from the DMV outlining their schedule (see below) for the implementation of the new driving license system (VISION). We have received a few inquiries asking how the implementation of VISION affects Avitar clients and want to update all of you.

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Tax Collect Year End Information (fiscal year ending December 31st)

We wanted to send a quick reminder to those of you with a fiscal year ending December 31st. First is a summary of your options for when you actually execute your year end. Second are a few links to documents that can assist you with finalizing your MS-61 Report and generating a database backup.

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Defective Registration Paper

Last week, we had two of our motor vehicle clients call stating their motor vehicle registrations were printing incorrectly on the registration paper. The first line of the Motor Vehicle copy and the Municipal copy printed above the perforation. So, the only copy that was legible was the Owner’s copy.

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