Avitar Web Site Updates

November 17, 2020 – On November 16, the web site hosting provider with whom Avitar contracts to host Avitar’s web sites was the victim of a coordinated external campaign. The provider immediately took the limited number of impacted sites offline. Subsequently they took their entire system of web sites, including Avitar’s, offline as a precaution. The provider’s infrastructure and security teams are working to restore the sites to full capacity. At this time they do not have an estimate of when service will be restored.

It is worth noting that no credit card or payment information — whether for property tax payments made on the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk or for Assessing Internet Kiosk subscriptions — is ever maintained on any of Avitar’s servers.

We will update this page as we learn more.

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2020 New Clerk Training

Typically, we schedule a New Clerk Training session in May, which did not happen this year due to COVID-19. We feel this training is very important for our new Clerks so, at this point, we are planning a virtual New Clerk Training session. Continue reading

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Lien Notice/Execute Reminder

This is reminder to those of you who have not yet started your lien process: Continue reading

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Dog Civil Forfeitures

It’s time to start your dog civil forfeiture process for all owners who have failed to renew/license their dog(s) for last year. The RSAs are very specific in regard to when you need to complete the civil forfeiture steps. Continue reading

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How to Process an Address Change for a New Resident to Your Town

Joe Smith just moved to your town from a neighboring town. It is not renewal time, however, the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) requires Mr. Smith to change his address within 10 days of changing his residence, per Saf-C 511.07.

We have received numerous calls on how to process an address change without actually processing a transaction. This task is somewhat of an anomaly, as you will need to, in effect, process a transaction all the way through Fee Settlement in order for DMV to receive the change. But, which transaction should you process?

Continue reading

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Emergency Order #25 Waiving/Abating Interest

We have received numerous calls, and seen emails circulating from the Tax Collectors’ Association, regarding the Governor’s Emergency Order #25. We feel it is a good time to comment on the issue from the software perspective. Continue reading

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Displaying Owner Mailing Address on Assessing Kiosk

Recently, a number of Assessing Kiosk users have contacted us regarding whether it is possible to display owner mailing addresses on the Assessing Kiosk. Did you know enabling this functionality is available for your town?

Continue reading

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Avitar Update – COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, we are planning to return to full operation on May 4th with some field review in Towns starting on April 27th. However, this may result in the need for us to cancel or reschedule some contract assessing days as we need to focus on finishing the new construction work in preparation of the 1st issue tax warrant and starting update work to remain on schedule for completion. I have worked diligently to keep on schedule as best as possible. If there has been a change to your scheduled May contract day, your Assessor will be in touch with you directly. While we may not be able to come to Town for that contract Continue reading

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Avitar COVID-19 Changes

In light of the continued State of Emergency, school and municipal office closures, and taxpayer concerns, we have suspended assessing field work until further notice.

While our staff is currently working remotely and can still receive phone calls and emails, we will not be in towns for scheduled assessing contract days until further notice.  For now, you should scan and email any necessary assessing work to us so we can take care of it for you.

You can still contact software support at the regular phone numbers and email addresses during normal hours.

We will post updates as they occur on our website and send further notification as things change.

Thank you for your patience during this hectic time.

Loren Martin
Director, Assessing Operations

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Avitar Work Protocol Given the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the Governor’s announcement regarding the State of Emergency and School closures, we have felt the need to be proactive and safe.  Given the contracts we have in place, we still need to work and keep on schedule as much as possible.  Our field staff are still out in the field working, however, they have been advised not to enter properties for interior inspections.  They will still visit, knock, step back and gather information from the taxpayers at the door and continue on with any exterior work needed.  This is in line with the CDC recommendations regarding avoidance of close contact.  If taxpayers are sick, they should be advised not to open the door at all.  We will be sending letters at a later date to complete interior inspections where needed.  The safety of our staff and all taxpayers is one of our top concerns and we will work diligently to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.  We recognize that we may encounter children home alone or with their parents and want to get the word out regarding our protocol.  If this pandemic continues, this may alter how we handle the informal hearing process for those towns with updates/revaluations this year, as well.  We will post updates as they occur on our website and send further notification if and when things change.

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