Post-It Changes

In our latest Collect update (6.9.8), we added a few new options to the Post-Its menu. First, we added the Flash option to Receipt Post-Its (previously this was only available on Parcel Post-Its). Second, on these Flash Post-Its, for both Parcels and Receipts, we added an option somewhat clumsily described as “…And Make It Really Obvious.” When this option box is checked on a Post-It on which the Flash option has been enabled, the Post-It will display in the middle of the screen in bold and red (as opposed to upper right corner and in yellow).  As a result, you and your colleagues are more likely to actually acknowledge the message before moving on.

You will want to use the “…And Make It Really Obvious” option sparingly, but in cases where the Post-It message is really important, this option can be very beneficial.

For more information on this topic, please follow the link to our online documentation for Post-Its .

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2019 Property Tax and Utility Bills Interest Rate Change

We wanted to remind you the 2019 Property Tax Bills and the 2019 Utility Bills have a new interest rate (per HB1673) that takes effect on April 1st, 2019.

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Combat Service Tax Credit Changes

This year, RSA 72:28-c allows municipalities to adopt an Optional Tax Credit for Combat Service for qualifying residents that are members of the New Hampshire National Guard or a reserve component of the United States armed forces, called to active duty, to receive Continue reading

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HB1673 New Interest Rates

We want to update you on the new interest rate changes per HB1673, which takes effect April 1st, 2019. As of right now, this is what we know: Continue reading

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Service Animal Licensing

Clerks are seeing an increase in the number of dog owners requesting Service Animal licenses for their dogs these days. We have created a new FAQ topic with step-by-step instructions on how to process Service Animals.

You can access these instructions by following this link: Service Animal Licensing FAQ, by clicking the FAQ icon in the Clerk program, or by visiting the Service Animal Licensing topic in our Dog Licensing Module on our website for the most detailed version.


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Tax Collect Year-End

As we approach the end of 2018, we want to pass along a few reminders. The following is a summary of options for those of you with a fiscal year ending on December 31st, some year-end tips, and a few tutorials for finalizing your MS-61. Continue reading

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Vanity Plate Release Available In Inventory vs. Available For Reorder

We have received many calls regarding Vanity Plate Releases and when to use the “Available In Inventory” option versus the “Available For Reorder” option. To assist you in making the correct choice, we have created a new topic in our growing online FAQ list.

To view the new topic expand the “When Do I Release a Vanity Plate Available In Inventory vs. Available For Reorder?” topic.

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Rules for Survivorship Titles and Registrations

We have encountered many questions lately regarding Survivorship Titles and Registrations as there are many different ways to process this type of transaction.  With our most recent Clerk update (version 3.3.5) you may have noticed a new module icon labeled FAQ. This handy tool was created to pass along step-by-step solutions to questions like this, and we have recently added this topic to our list of FAQs.

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2018 MS-1 DRA Request re: Exemptions

We had a call from DRA today about the “Amount granted per exemption” amounts appearing on the MS-1 for Blind and Disabled exemptions in municipalities that not only have not granted any of those exemptions but also have not even adopted one or both of the exemptions. (Sorry, I tried for 10 minutes and that was as clear as I could make that sentence.) Let me explain:

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2018 MS-1 Report

August typically has been the time when we need to quickly implement any MS-1 Report changes mandated by DRA and then distribute the software update in time for you to submit your MS-1 by September 1st. This year (mercifully) there is only one minor change we need to make and it only affects a tiny percentage of you. Here’s what you need to know, and the impact it will have on when you can begin submitting your 2018 MS-1 to DRA:

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