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Emergency Order #25 Waiving/Abating Interest

We have received numerous calls, and seen emails circulating from the Tax Collectors’ Association, regarding the Governor’s Emergency Order #25. We feel it is a good time to comment on the issue from the software perspective.

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Displaying Owner Mailing Address on Assessing Kiosk

Recently, a number of Assessing Kiosk users have contacted us regarding whether it is possible to display owner mailing addresses on the Assessing Kiosk. Did you know enabling this functionality is available for your town?

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Filter Deposit by Tender Type

Did you know that you can post electronic and traditional cash/check receipts throughout the day and then, at the end of the day, you can create one deposit for your electronic receipts and a separate deposit for everything else? This may … Continue reading

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Changing a Dog License Tag Number After Processing

With dog license season upon us, we thought this would be the perfect time to remind you how to change an incorrectly assigned tag number.

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3.4.0 Update Notes and February Renewal Files

We have received an abundance of calls over the past couple days concerning Clerks not knowing how to process Trust and Lease transactions, or processing them incorrectly. Since Senate Bill 92 (a/k/a SB92) became law, and went into effect on … Continue reading

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Clerk 3.4.0 Update

Here’s a little reminder about the Clerk 3.4.0 update blog we sent in December re: IMPORTANT Software Update Information. The Clerk 3.4.0 update was emailed Thursday, January 2, 2020, and while some of you have already installed it (thank you), … Continue reading

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Year-End is Right Around the Corner. Are You Ready?

As we receive a high volume of calls this time of year assisting Collectors in their Year-End Close, we thought it would be beneficial to write a short blog to give you some guidance in preparation.

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How to Change a Payment Tender Type

We have received many calls recently from Clerks needing to change the Payment Tender Type, some after they’ve already deposited. This is a function that Clerks are able to perform without assistance from Avitar (excluding tender types of Short Slip … Continue reading

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Change a Clerk Service Type

Previously, when you processed a cart with a Clerk Service transaction, all the way through fee settlement, and then discovered you processed it with the wrong Clerk Service type (e.g. Dump Sticker vs Beach Sticker), your only option was to … Continue reading

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Deleted Receipts Report

The Deleted Receipts Report displays all receipts that have been deleted after deposit, either due to data entry error or a returned check. When creating your Deleted Receipts Report, you have an option to Include Receipts Deleted Before Deposit. 

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