Online Dog & Motor Vehicle Renewals for Clerk Browser Municipalities

As you may know, Avitar and Invoice Cloud have partnered to provide our Clerk/MV clients with the ability to offer online motor vehicle and dog license renewals. Beyond just a typical online shopping cart, Invoice Cloud’s Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) enables customers to opt to receive renewal notices by email and to view their entire invoice history online, in addition to the ability to make payments over the Internet.

Previously, this service was only available to municipalities using the fully-integrated MAAP version of Avitar’s Clerk/MV system. However, we are happy to announce that municipalities like yours which utilize the Browser Module in Avitar Clerk in conjunction with the DMV Browser can now also implement the Invoice Cloud service to offer online services to your customers.

Here’s a description of how the process works and the benefits it provides to you and your customers:

  • Every month Avitar gets a data extract from DMV which includes the upcoming renewal records for all of Avitar’s client municipalities. Avitar then emails you a file enabling you to print your motor vehicle renewal notices in your office using Avitar Clerk. Each renewal notice will include a unique personal identification number (PIN) which your customers can use to access the renewal online.
  • After you print the motor vehicle renewal notices, you simply upload the renewal information to the Invoice Cloud biller portal from within your Clerk program.
  • Similarly, for dog license renewals, you upload the renewal information to the Invoice Cloud biller portal at the time you print your annual dog reminder letters.
  • When a customer receives a renewal notice in the mail, they can follow the simple instructions and utilize the unique PIN to renew online.

Invoice Cloud Customer Search

  • Customers with multiple vehicles or multiple dogs are presented with a list of all vehicles or dogs and their corresponding costs. They can choose to register one or multiple items at once.
  • The customer can pay using either a credit card or an ACH/e-check.

Customer Cart

  • Customers are charged a convenience fee for using the service which is clearly presented to customers prior to the completion of the transaction.
  • All financial transactions are processed through a secure PCI compliant service and the municipality receives 100% of the fees due.

Payment Complete

  • During the online process, customers can elect to receive future paperless invoices via email, thereby eliminating paper waste and reducing municipal postage and handling costs on future renewal notice mailings.
  • Invoice Cloud electronically transfers funds collected online to the municipal bank account you designate once the transaction clears (generally two business days).
  • You are able to download daily files from Invoice Cloud directly within the Clerk program containing the relevant information for all of the online renewals.
  • Using a lock box type feature within the Clerk program, you can easily process the batch of dog license renewals that were performed online.
  • For motor vehicle renewals, the Clerk program provides you with a report of the transactions you need to process in the DMV MAAP Browser.
  • Once customers have used the Invoice Cloud payer portal, they can access up to eighteen months of invoice and payment history.

We are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to showing you all the features and benefits available. If you are interested in learning more, please call us.

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