2012 MS-1 Report

We’re still waiting for the DRA to provide us with their revisions to the MS-1 Report for 2012.  And it’s still a little hazy, but here’s what we know thus far.

We have been told that the revisions to the report itself for 2012 are not extensive — i.e. no changes to the calculations or new categories of exemptions.  However, as we understand it, the DRA will introduce a significant change to the methodology by which they wish to receive the report data.  Going forward, the DRA will prefer (require?) that you transmit the data to them electronically rather than as a stack of paper.  Note that this is more than just emailing a PDF file of your report; the DRA wants the information formatted in a standardized file they can actually import and analyze, rather than just read.

However, we’re still waiting for documentation and specifications on the electronic format.  Depending on when the DRA finishes the process, it’s unclear at this time whether we will have enough time to implement, test, and distribute the changes prior to the September 1 MS-1 deadline.  In any event, it would appear that at least for this year they would still need to accept the paper MS-1 format.  We’ll keep you informed as we learn more and continue to do everything we can to make your MS-1 submission process as simple as possible.

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