Correcting a Supplemental Invoice

Throughout the year, you will periodically need to supplement invoices (e.g. timber, current use, gravel, etc.) manually into the Tax Collect system. Unfortunately, whenever you manually enter information, errors are bound to occur. However, following these simple methods will help you to easily identify and resolve errors.

When you add a supplemental invoice, you must select a warrant type and a PID (map/lot/sub) and enter the invoice amount. One of the most common errors is to select the wrong warrant type (e.g. selecting a timber tax when it should have been a gravel tax). Another common mistake is to enter an incorrect PID which bills the wrong owner for the tax.  Regardless of the error, the solution is simple as long as you complete the corrections in the same month in which the error occurred. For example, if you created a timber supplement on July 15th and it should have been a gravel supplement, you have until July 30th to correct the error without having to call Avitar for assistance.  If the issue is not resolved by the end of the current month it will invariably affect the monthly balance report and the solution gets more difficult.

Obviously, the key to correcting an error in a timely manner is to first know that the error exists. So, once you have entered all the supplements it is a good idea to view the Supplements report before you print the bills. To do so go to Reports | Supplements. Select All Warrants and indicate the appropriate date range to include your most recently supplemented invoices. Then select View to display the report. Verify the following information:

  • Warrant: The warrant listed should be for the tax you are billing (e.g. 2012G01 for a gravel tax).
  • Owner: Make sure owners and their corresponding PIDs match the information you received from the assessor/selectmen.
  • Grand Total: The Grand Total listed at the bottom of the report must match the signed warrant from the assessor/selectmen.

If any of the information on the report is incorrect, you will need to delete the supplement and reenter it correctly. To delete the supplement, using the data access tabs, search and select the incorrect invoice. Then, from the main menu, select Edit Invoice | Delete Supplement. You will be ask if you are sure you want to delete the supplement. Once you have deleted the incorrect supplement you can reenter the supplement (Utilities | Supplement Warrant) using the correct information. Remember, after making any corrections, view the Supplements report again to make sure the information is correct.

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