Building Permit Update 2.4.6

We will be distributing an update tomorrow so look for a disc in your mail in the next several days.  This isn’t a major update to the system but it does include a few items we needed to rework in preparation for the next update of Assessing.  In addition, it includes several report changes and additions, as well as a few fixes.  As always, update notes will be included on the disc but if you would like a preview they can be found here.

We’ve also had several questions recently regarding when we will be scheduling another user group session.  We’re tentatively planning on having one in early September.  But the actual date will be dependent on the response and availability of users.  So email us at and suggest possible dates and/or specific days of the week that work best for you and we’ll let you know the details as we get feedback.

Thanks for your help.

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