Avitar Associates Newsletters

Avitar Associates is implementing a new blog/rss/email initiative designed to improve the flow of information from Avitar to its municipal clients on a variety of topics — topics as basic as holiday closings to detailed updates and helpful instructions for each software application.

This initiative will include two notable aspects:

  • A new blog (hosted at avitarassociatesblog.com and accessible from our main web site at avitarassociates.com) on which we will periodically post new content, segmented into specific categories. This searchable blog will serve as an online knowledge base to which you can refer in the future for specific tips and detailed instructions on individual topics.
  • An email subscription service, segmented by category, which will allow you to pick and choose (or opt out altogether) from the news channels for which you would like to receive content delivered to your email inbox.

If you received this content via email it is because, at some point in the not too distant past, you or one of your coworkers provided Avitar with your email address. In transitioning to our new system, we have attempted to maintain previous contacts. If we’ve added you incorrectly, simply follow the link at the bottom of your email to unsubscribe. If, on the other hand, you would like to continue to receive information via email, follow the link at the bottom of your email to update your preferences and verify we’ve signed you up for the channels that interest you.

As always, if you have questions contact us directly. We look forward to the evolution of this initiative as we discover ways in which we can more efficiently and accurately provide you with the information you need.

Thanks for your help.

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