Adding a Dog to an Existing Group License

Let’s talk dogs. I know, it’s probably not on your top ten list of favorite topics, but it’s a discussion worth having. As I am sure you all know, a group dog license consists of five or more dogs and is charged a flat fee no matter how many dogs are in the license. What some of you may not know is how to add a new dog to the license process without charging an additional fee.

For example, in April you renew a group license of ten dogs for a customer. Then in June, the customer is back in your office wanting to license their new puppy. The puppy needs to be added to the existing group without incurring additional charges.

To add the puppy to the existing group license, follow the steps below:

  • From the Dog Licensing main menu, select License a New Dog.
  • When the message displays asking if the dog has already been added into the system, you have two options:
    • Select Yes if you previously added the puppy to the system through the Add a Dog process. This option will allow you to search and select the dog, bypassing the need to enter the details on the dog.
    • Select No if you have not entered the dog into the system. This option starts with the owner lookup and advances to the License New Dog screen, where you will enter the new dog’s information.
    • Once the dog is entered/selected, a message box displays stating a group license already exist for this customer and questions if you would like to add this dog to the existing license. Selecting Yes tells the system that you do not want to charge any fees for this license.
    • Another message box displays asking if you want to issue a new tag for this dog. Some clerks issue one license tag for every dog in the group, while others will issue each dog its own tag. If you want to use the same tag number for this dog that was used on the other dogs in the group select No, or select Yes to issue a new tag number for this dog.

Once you have completed the steps above, the new puppy is added to the group license. If you want to print the group license showing the newest dog, you will need to reprint the license by select Reprint License for a Licensed Dog from the main menu.

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