Tax Collect 6.8.5 Follow-Up

We sent out an update last week for Tax Collect.  Hopefully you’ve received it by now.  We wanted to let you know about one problem we’ve found with the update when printing tax bills in some municipalities.  But before you panic, just know that the problem does not affect everyone and the solution is quick and easy.  First some background…

As you may know, the data for your Tax Collect application is maintained using the SQL Server database platform which, like most everything with hardware and software, is updated periodically by Microsoft with new versions.  When we install for new clients, or when we re-install on a new server for existing clients, we typically deploy the most recent version of the database platform.  Since generally speaking we don’t go looking to fix things that aren’t broken, depending on how old/stable your server is, you may still be using an older version of SQL Server.  Unfortunately, we discovered this morning that a feature of the new update is not compatible, as presently configured, with older versions of SQL Server.  But again, there’s a quick fix.

So if you answer “yes” to all of the following you should plan on calling us before you try to print tax bills.  We’ll walk you through importing a script which takes about three minutes.

  1. Do you still need to print tax bills and/or utility bills?
  2. Have you installed the 6.8.5 update?  If you haven’t we suggest you still do so, and if Item #3 applies to you simply call us, as this problem is easily resolved.
  3. If, within the program, you select the “Help | About Collect” menu item does the version number of your Data Source begin with a number less than 10.00? (For example, in your program, does the text highlighted below say something like “Version” or “Version” as opposed to “Version“?)

How To Identify Your SQL Version

If you answered in the affirmative to these three questions you need to plan on calling us before you print tax or utility bills.  We’ll walk you through importing a quick script and in about three minutes you’ll be ready to print bills.  If your version number is 10 or higher you do not need to do anything.  If your version number is less than 10 but you already printed bills before the update, you’ll nonetheless want to contact us for the fix before you print your next batch of tax or utility bills or supplements.  Doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow, but sometime before you need to print bills.

We apologize for the error.  Thanks for your help.

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