Errors You May Encounter

Two of our intrepid users recently reported receiving very specific errors within the Tax Collect program. You really need to perfectly thread the needle to encounter either of these errors but we have a simple fix for each of them — one you can do yourself, the other you’ll need to call us to apply a script. Let us know if, after reading the scenarios, you either need to run a script or you have questions.

Error #1: Querying for Post-Its on Utility Invoices with Reminder Dates

When you add Post-It notes to parcels you have the option of setting a reminder date. Every time you log in to the program, the system queries for any parcels to which you have assigned Post-Its on which reminder dates fall on or before the current system date. If any matches are found, you then have the option (as depicted in the following message box) to query for invoices on those parcels and review the invoices.

The Issue: If you answer Yes to the above message and if any of the invoices within the returned set are utility invoices (i.e. water or sewer bills) then you will receive an “Error Displaying Record” message when you navigate to the utility invoice. The Solution: We have a script for this so call us if you have utility invoices and you are in the habit of setting reminder dates on Post-Its.

Error #2: Manually Maximizing the Main Window on the Receipts Tab

The Issue: When you start the program it naturally opens on the Receivables tab. If you immediately click on the Receipts tab and, before selecting a single Receipt to display, maximize the main Tax Collect window you get a “Subscript out of range” error. This only happens if you maximize the main window when the Receipts tab is displayed and there is no receipt selected.  The Solution: If you wish to maximize the program’s window when you start the system the simplest fix is to select File | Startup Window Size | Maximize so that the program will automatically maximize when you start the program while the Receivables tab is selected.  Alternatively make sure you have selected a receipt — any receipt — on the Receipts tab before maximizing the program window.

As always, let us know if you have questions or need help.  Thanks.

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