New Online Boat Module for Clerk/MV

We are pleased to announce that our new online boat registration module will soon be available within the Clerk/MV application.  Here’s a quick summary of the features and benefits of the new online boat module:


  • Look, feel, and functionality are consistent with the MAAP motor vehicle module so if you can register motor vehicles you’ll be registering boats in no time.
  • Enables you to get rid of the State browser computer for processing boats.
  • Uses the same printers as motor vehicle registrations.
  • Utilizes the common fee settlement process shared by all modules so you can process a boat registration, a motor vehicle registration, a dog license, and/or a clerk service all in a single cart for the customer, simplifying the checkout process.  And of course when the owner forgets his checkbook, as with any other type of transaction, you can place the cart on hold.
  • Fee Settlement will display a boat icon if the current motor vehicle or dog license customer has a boat that has not been renewed, allowing you the option to renew it as part of the current cart.
  • Boat decal inventory is similar to your current motor vehicle inventory, allowing you to auto-populate next decal, maintain decal status, run audit reports, and associate the corresponding decal color with each year’s inventory.
  • Allows you to register a boat for a customer using the existing information at DMV, saving you time and eliminating data entry errors versus creating the record from scratch.
  • Enables you to provide price quotes.
  • Generates renewal notices for boats from within the system.

This new boat functionality can be available to you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a current user of our Avitar Clerk/MV system,
  • You utilize the Clerk/MV online MAAP module, and
  • You are an existing boat agent. (If you are not yet a boat agent contact DMV to sign up for the half day boat agent class.)

We have yet to determine the final costs for the online boat module, either in terms of initial cost or ongoing software support. But we’re looking for a few early adopters that want to get on board, so to speak, and to whom we will offer a significant discount on the initial cost.  If you’re interested, give us a call or speak to us at the next user group meeting on Wednesday, March 27th. At this session we’ll also present a brief overview of the new module and have more details on pricing.

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