Display Error for Certain Exemptions

Yesterday we received a call from a user regarding an error in Avitar Assessing that affects the amount displayed on screen for certain types of exemptions in which only a percentage of the exemption is applied. We want to alert you to the issue and assure you that this is only a display issue — the actual exemption amount for the purposes of reporting and tax calculation are correct. Here are the details…

What Exemptions Are Affected?: This error only affects the display of the following exemptions on the Exemptions tab on the system’s main screen, and only when the exemptions are applied at less than 100%:

  • Blind Exemptions at less than 100%
  • Disabled Exemptions at less than 100%
  • Deaf Exemptions at less than 100%
  • Elderly Exemptions at less than 100%

How Are These Exemptions Affected?: The exemption amount is incorrectly displayed on the main screen as a percentage of the parcel’s assessment, as opposed to a percentage of the default exemption amount. (You’ll remember that Charitable, Religious, and other exemptions from the list on the right of the Exemptions tab can be applied as a percentage of the parcel’s assessment.)  

In the screen shot below, notice that the amount in the Edit Exemptions dialog box, indicated by the green arrow, is correct (i.e. 50% of $15,000 exemption = $7,500). However, the amount displayed on the Exemptions tab, indicated by the red arrow, is incorrect (i.e. 50% of $344,800 parcel assessment = $172,400).  But again, this is only a display issue.


Were My Taxes or MS-1 Report or Exemptions Report Wrong?: No. The exemption amounts applied for these purposes are being calculated properly as a percentage of the exemption amount.

We apologize for the error and any confusion or panic it may have caused. We have resolved the issue and the fix will be distributed as part of the next update. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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