New Current Use Rates

Current Use rates are out! You should be updating these rates and recalculating land values prior to the issuance of your first issue tax warrant. The new rates are shown below. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you need help entering or recalculating. Also, please remember, DO NOT change your base year. This should remain as the date of your last Town wide update of values. You should also enter your 2012 median equalization ratio prior to recalculating your land values to ensure proper valuation for tax year 2013.

Mngd Hardwood         $21.00 min.   $32.00 max.

Mngd Other                 $10.00 min.   $15.00 max.

Mngd Pine                   $87.00 min.    $131.00 max.

Unmngd Hardwood    $43.00 min.   $65.00 max.

Unproductive              $10.00 min.   $10.00 max.

Unmngd Other            $31.00 min.   $47.00 max.

Unmngd Pine               $118.00 min. $177.00 max.

Wetlands                       $10.00 min.   $10.00 max.

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