Clerk Update 2.6.7 and Related Topics

We will begin distributing version 2.6.7 of our Clerk/MV application in the next few days. Here are a few facts you should know about it:

The Update Includes the New Boat Module: Several months ago we successfully completed DMV certification for processing MAAP boat transactions online with the State. Since that time we have been rolling out the update in limited release in several municipalities. Even if you have not yet signed an upgrade agreement with us to deploy the new Boat Module (“call now for details and pricing, operators are standing by…”) it is important that you install this update so that all of our users are on the same version. This update introduces new elements, most of which will not be visible to you, within common processes such as log in, searches, fee settlement, and close-out/deposit.  So regardless of whether you are now or ever intend to become an online boat agent it is important that you install this update.

The Update Utilizes New Online Help Documentation: With this update, the help menu item within the system (Help | Contents) will launch within your default web browser rather than the traditional compiled HTML help file installed locally on your computer. Beyond all the technical gibberish, essentially this new online help format allows us to be continually updating the help resources, so that we can be adding new topics and revising existing topics at times that may not coincide with the discrete scheduled releases for our periodic updates. It also allows us to do other cool things, such as…

The New Help Documentation Has Online Demos: As mentioned above, the new documentation format allows us to integrate online videos. We will be relying on these more in the future to demonstrate new or complicated features whenever they may be effective. In the meantime, the limited library we’ve assembled thus far is already available on a Clerk/MV playlist on Avitar’s very own youtube channel. We invite you to check them out the next time you’re bored. You might even learn something. Or, at the very least, get in on the ground floor before Patty’s demos become the next Internet phenomenon. So, PSY and double rainbow guy… consider yourselves warned.  (Unbelievable. 1.6 billion views for that gangnam madness — better come up with a clever new dance, Patty.)

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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