Phone System Changes

Beginning in June, we will be experimenting with our phone system in an effort to direct you more quickly to the person and help you need. But before you panic that you’re going to soon get lost down some automated voice system rabbit hole, let us explain…

Our callers basically fall into two categories: 1) people seeking software support and 2) everyone else (i.e. assessing clients, billing/finance inquiries, outside vendors, etc.). Since the beginning of time, both categories of callers have called 798-4419. On our side, we have five to six employees — some specializing in software support and some specializing in assessing and billing — that are included in the initial ring group and simply answer the phone when it rings. If all of them are on the phone, calls then roll over and ring at every extension. However, invariably some callers seeking software support are answered by an employee that needs to transfer them to someone better able to assist with the issue. And vice versa for calls related to assessing or billing. It’s always been luck of the draw.

So we are going to experiment with a quick automated greeting in order to better target calls to the appropriate ring group.  The goal is to save both you and us a little bit of time and prevent you from maybe having to explain to two of us your reason for calling.

Here’s what this change means to you:

  • That everyone will still call Avitar at 798-4419.
  • That you’ll now be prompted initially by a quick automated greeting. (“You have reached Avitar Associates. Press one for software support. Press two for all other calls.”)
  • That, based on your response, you’ll be directed to the ring group best suited to the nature of your call.
  • That if no one in the corresponding initial ring group is available to answer, your call will roll over to a larger ring group.
  • That ultimately, after you press one or press two and wait for a ring or two, you will still speak to a human.
  • That, hopefully, this will increase the likelihood that you’ll get the help you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s what this change doesn’t mean to you:

  • That you will get lost down a maze of options (e.g. “Please listen carefully as our menu has changed” or “Para espanol oprima numero nueve“) before you ever speak to a human.
  • That you will be dumped into an automated phone queue without ever speaking to a human. (e.g. “We are experiencing higher than normal call volume at the moment. But your call is important to us. Please remain on the line and your call will be answered by the next available operator.”)
  • That you shouldn’t expect the same level of service.

We realize automated phone systems are pretty much the standard these days, and to many of you this is no big deal. But we have resisted implementing one ourselves for years and do so now, albeit in a limited capacity, only in hopes that it might increase the chances that you will reach the person you need to reach a little bit quicker. However, we take great pride in our unparalleled customer support and do not want to see that jeopardized. So, at the risk of putting too fine a point on it, if this sucks let us know and we’ll junk it.

We welcome and encourage your feedback.


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