Wedding Bells and Ringing Phones

Two of our Avitar colleagues will be getting married this Friday evening. Like, to each other. So since most of us will be attending the ceremony and reception and few, if any, of us just roll out of bed looking wedding-level photogenic we will be closing our office at approximately 2:00 PM on Friday, September 27th.

After 2:00 PM on Friday we will have no phone support to answer questions and problems related to general assessing, Assessing software, Tax Collect software, Building Permits software, Utility Billing software, and general IT support issues.  And we will have only limited coverage for Clerk/MV software issues.  We ask that you try to limit calls to critical issues that can’t be answered by someone else in your office and can’t wait until Monday.

We apologize if this inconveniences any of you, but c’mon… two of our friends/co-workers are getting married!  Like, to each other.

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