Upcoming Tax Collect Update

Attendees to our Tax Collect User Group at the conference in North Conway may remember that we announced that we expected to be shipping a Tax Collect update in November or December.  These same attendees may now be asking themselves, “Hey, where’s my update?” Well we are still working on it as some of the changes to notices required multiple revisions.  But we should have it ready to go by mid to late January. We swear. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Improved functionality for downloading Internet Tax Kiosk payments processed by Invoice Cloud directly from your Tax Kiosk from within the application itself — no need to log in to your Tax Kiosk in the browser and manually download/import a file anymore.
  • A new ability to differentiate Additional Mailtos from Additional Owners, the former being parties that just want to receive copies of bills/notices versus the latter which have an actual ownership interest in the parcel. They will act very similarly, but the system will allow you to include additional fees for each Additional Owner and allow you to select whether you wish to print batches of notices, certified mailers, and/or mailing labels for one group or another — e.g. print certified forms for Primary and Additional Owners but just print mailing labels for Additional Mailtos. Finally, Additional Owners will appear on the Registry Lien Report and the Lien Redemption Report — no need to manage these manually anymore.  Eventually, this functionality will be incorporated into Avitar Assessing such that your colleagues in Assessing can be adding Additional Owners for you when they receive them on the actual deed for transfers.
  • Expanded capabilities for maintaining multiple Book and Page records for Liens, including the Book/Page of the original deed, the lien recording, and the lien redemption with the corresponding values appearing on the appropriate reports.  Additionally, you’ll have the ability to choose “Next” when you are updating Book/Page so you can query for all the invoices on a specific lien and update the Book/Page on each with fewer mouse clicks and key strokes.
  • Revised filter options that allow you to filter the Credits Report by multiple factors rather than just one — e.g. credits assigned to receivables that were from a prior fiscal year and were assigned within a given date range.
  • The option when printing Deed Notices to include all past due amounts on the notice for lien invoices that preceded the lien for which you are generating the deed notice — e.g. this notice is for the 2011 lien but you still owe the amounts on the 2010 and 2009 liens.
  • The ability to easily print the results of the Interest Calculator.
  • A nifty little feature that will allow you to skip blank labels when printing mailing labels to sheets you’ve already used — i.e. fewer zombie label sheets stacked up in your desk drawer.

So we’ll let you know when we’re distributing the update in January. We apologize for the longer than anticipated wait, but we think you’ll agree the features were worth the delay.

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