Assessing Software Update 3.7.5

Several weeks ago we promised you a forthcoming update that would allow you “first and foremost, to archive your assessment database by year from within your system, and provide you with the ability to refer back to prior years’ data at any time.” Well, that update is about to come forth, so to speak. But we’re are going to distribute it a little bit differently this time. The details are below:

What is the new functionalityYou can review the earlier announcement for a description of the new Archive Database functionality. You can also review a summary of the new functionality in our online documentation.

Will I be able to utilize the new functionalityIf the Archive Database functionality is something you would like to utilize you will need to verify that your current system will support the new functionality.  Again, instructions for doing so were included in the earlier announcement.

What if my current system cannot support the new functionality? If you’ve checked and your current version of SQL Server/SQL Server Express, in fact, is not sufficient to support the new functionality:

  • You may be able, with some help from us and/or your IT person, to update your current version of SQL Server/SQL Server Express on your existing computer or server.  You should not actually upgrade your SQL Server yet without contacting us, but you can review the system requirements on the Microsoft site (scroll down to the System Requirements section) to verify your current system will support an update. Then email us and/or have your IT person contact us to arrange an update.
  • If the operating system and/or resources on your current system prevent you from updating your current version of SQL Server/SQL Server Express you will still be able to install future updates — you just won’t be able to utilize the Archive Database (or the upcoming Update Database) functionality.
  • If you are not sure whether your current version of SQL Server/SQL Server Express is sufficient we have provided instructions for determining your version.

Okay, so I want the new functionality and my system will support it. What do I do now? You let us know (by emailing us) that you want to get the update as soon as it’s ready to ship. We’ll make sure you’re on the list to receive a digital distribution of the update via email.

Wait…. What? Yes, we’re trying something new this time by eliminating the CD’s and the mailers and the postage whereby we instead send you an email which includes a unique link that allows you to download the file you will use to update your computers. Since we’ll be using a new distribution method and (because of the nature of this update) we’ll need to provide some of you with a bit more assistance, we plan on staggering the distribution of the update, with those who really want/need the new functionality included in the first group. So if you want it when it’s ready let us know. Otherwise, look for it to arrive via email in the next several weeks. (If you are a supported user, of course.)

I want the new functionality and my system will support it but Avitar dragged their feet so long that my current database no longer reflects 2013. So what do I do now, (smart guy)? First, sorry about that. But the good news is, now that the update is available, we can still create an Archive Database for you for 2013 and then restore an earlier backup (provided, like we suggested, you have one) to that 2013 Archive Database. Let us know as well if you want to use a previous backup for your Archive Database as it may involve working with your IT person to access either your backup or your server.

My system won’t support it and/or I have no interest in utilizing the new functionality. What do I do? Nothing. Just look for the update email in the next several weeks and install the file as you would normally. You may not be able to utilize the Archive Database functionality but everything else will be available, including new context-sensitive help that will enable you to access documentation for specific topics with a single click from within the application.

All this Archive Database stuff is great but I’m really more interested in the ability you mentioned last time to be able to do an update or revaluation in a separate database and then merge the changes to my Active Database when I’m done. When will that be available? Great question. That functionality depends on many of the same moving parts included in this update so your first step is to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements (outlined above) to utilize the Archive Database functionality. Next, make sure you get and install this 3.7.5 update.  And lastly, you wait for us to complete the next update. Presently, the pending Update Database functionality is about 50% complete. We’ll be finishing it and testing it in the next several weeks and it should be available in March. So stay tuned.

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