Assessing Software Update 3.7.5, Part II

It was brought to our attention today that the Assessing update 3.7.5 that you’ve been downloading and installing this week also incorporates changes that we made in update 3.7.2 that some of you may be seeing for the first time. Most notably, these include changes to how you add, modify, and delete sales. You can review an explanation of those changes here within our online documentation.

Also, you should now see little blue question mark icons strategically located in various dialog boxes throughout the application. You can access context-sensitive help (i.e. a summary of functions specific to the topic at hand) by clicking on the blue question marks wherever you see them. It will load the corresponding help topic within our online documentation in your default browser.

Sorry for the oversight and any confusion it may have caused. Let us know if you have any questions.

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