Clerk/MV Update 2.7.5

Late last week we distributed an email to our supported Clerk/MV users containing a download link for update 2.7.5. If you did not receive the email check in your junk folder or contact us. We just want to follow up with a few housekeeping items related to the update.

As the previous update was only a few months back, version 2.7.5 doesn’t contain many obvious changes or new features. But is important that everyone installs it as it does include a few subtle but critical updates — one update to the Dog Civil Forfeiture process which many of you will be doing soon, and one update to the new printing functionality included in the Motor Vehicle MAAP Module for those of you that have implemented the next phase of the “Laser Print Project” (i.e. where you’re able to print more and more of your MAAP output to your laser printer rather than your impact printer).

Lastly, after we sent it we realized we left one item off of the original version of the update notes regarding the printed Dog License. For years and years the printed dog license included two copies of the license information on a single page, but the owner address was not located in an area that made the license easy to fold and mail in a standard window envelope. When we modified this in a recent update to make it easier to mail, we eliminated the second copy thinking it was unnecessary. After the update we found out how many of you still wanted that second copy. With this update we think we’ve come closer to satisfying everyone. There is a top third that’s formatted so you can easily mail the whole thing, and a copy of the license information is then printed on the middle and bottom thirds if you would like to tear off and retain a copy for your office.

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