Short Slip Tips

Short Slips should not be feared.

Think of short slips as a short term loan for the customer.  Short Slips are used for both municipal and state transactions, but are more commonly used for motor vehicle transactions by users of the Motor Vehicle MAAP Module within Avitar Clerk/MV. (Municipalities using the Motor Vehicle Browser Module within Avitar Clerk/MV may still want to issue municipal Short Slips in the Avitar Clerk program but should contact the State DMV for information about issuing state Short Slips.)  Below are answers to several common questions about Short Slips.

Why do we need to use a Short Slip tender type?

It is useful and more convenient for your customer to pay once for all transactions than separately for each. Unfortunately, the State MAAP system will not allow two transactions in one cart to have the same VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  So, the most common scenario for issuing Short Slips occurs when a customer needs a certified copy of a registration in order to then process a transfer. The certified copy transaction is processed first by issuing a Short Slip tender type at fee settlement. When the second transaction is processed (within a new cart) the system will recognize the existing Short Slip (a.k.a. short term loan) and adds the amount due to the current cart to be collected all at once.

What are some other uses for Short Slip tender type?

Some municipalities find Short Slips useful to pay for municipal shortages like, for example, when a vehicle registration renewal form is mailed with a personal check written for twenty cents ($0.20) less than the amount due. The shortage can be paid with a Short Slip tender type on the municipal payment tab and fee settled.  At this point a correspondence can be sent requesting the shortage from the resident or the municipality can write off the small balance.

How do I write off a municipal Short Slip?

To write off a municipal Short Slip go to Utilities | Short Slip Maintenance. The appearance is very similar to Credit Maintenance. Short Slips are searchable by Last Name/Business Name and by status (e.g. all, unpaid, paid/written off).  Once you have located a particular Short Slip and the correct name is displayed, click Write Off and enter the reason for the write off.

Is there a report of Short Slips?

Yes. To see the report go to Reports | Short Slips. The report can be customized to show detail or a summary in a range of dates to include either a single name or the status of the short slip.

Are Short Slips with amounts due transferable to a different owner?

Yes. To do so simply go to Utilities | Short Slip Maintenance. The amount due can be transferred to another owner by selecting the people icon and searching for the name of the person to whom the balance should be transferred. The transferred Short Slip is logged in the system and accessible in a report labeled Audit Transactions (go to Reports | Audit Transactions).

Why would I transfer the Short Slip to a different owner?

Let’s say Mary Smith lost her registration and needs a certified copy. At the same time she wants to renew her husband’s vehicles. You would process the certified copy and pay it with a Short Slip. The renewals are processed next in a new cart. If you did not transfer the Short Slip to Mary’s husband it will not display and you cannot collect the shortage. Why? Because the first transaction in the cart is under the husband’s name and the Short Slip is under Mary’s name.






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