Do You Need To Archive Your Taxable Values?

As we approach the end of the year it’s important that some of you remember to manually archive your system’s 2014 taxable values. For those of you that use Avitar Assessing in conjunction with Avitar Tax Collect, this archival will be done automatically for you by the system when you formalize your final tax warrant — which is to say you don’t need to do anything. If, however, you use Avitar Assessing to determine values, and you then reenter those values into another application for calculating and collecting taxes then it’s impossible for the system to determine when you have truly finalized your 2014 assessments. Those of you in this latter category will need to manually archive the taxable values if you wish to have them display properly in the Value History grid. Keep reading for instructions on how to do so.

To manually archive the taxable values select Utilities | System Options | Tax Settings. On the Tax Settings tab, beneath the checkbox labeled I Am Using the Avitar Tax Collect System (which will be unchecked) press the Archive Taxable Values button.

You will be prompted to enter the year with which to associate the taxable values. If you do this before January 1, 2015 the year will default to 2014. If you wait until January 1, 2015 or beyond to archive the values for 2014, you will need to enter the year 2014. Either way, if you enter a year for which taxable values have already been archived, the system will indicate that taxable values were already archived for that year. It will display the user that archived the values, as well as the date and time at which the values were archived. You will be prompted whether you wish to overwrite the currently archived values with the current values. Simply answer Yes or No.

As always, if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks.

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