Tax Collect Update 6.9.1

In the next few days, we will be distributing a Tax Collect update that will include, first and foremost, changes to submit the MS-61 electronically. It is important you run this update before you close your fiscal year and process your MS-61.

The DRA now requires that municipalities submit the MS-61 electronically using a fillable PDF form provided by the DRA. However, rather than manually typing the information in the PDF, with this update you will have the ability to generate and export the data for the report from Avitar Tax Collect. You can then use the exported data, in the form of an XML file, to populate the DRA’s fillable PDF and submit the report electronically to the DRA.

Below is a summary of the steps you will follow to submit your MS-61 electronically after you install the upcoming update. (If your Fiscal Year ends on December 31st, you’ll be doing this in a few weeks. If your Fiscal Year doesn’t end until June 30th, obviously you won’t be doing this for months.)

  • Prior to closing your fiscal year period, print the preview MS-61 report generated by Avitar Tax Collect (“Reports | MS-61”). You may need to provide the system with the standardized name for your municipality as it appears in the PDF form (the system will allow you to select the correct name from a list of options). This report will still look predominantly like the MS-61 you used to print and send to the DRA. Any major changes will be highlighted on the printed report in red.
  • Review and balance the MS-61, just as you did in previous years, using reports printed from Avitar Tax Collect in order to validate that the report is correct.
  • Once you are satisfied with the preview of the report and that the information on the report is accurate and correct, export the XML file for the MS-61 report from Avitar Tax Collect.
  • Download the blank MS-61 PDF file from the DRA’s web site.
  • Import the XML file into the PDF provided by DRA (again, refer to our instructions as needed) and compare the information between the corresponding printed and PDF reports.
  • In the PDF, complete the “Preparer’s Certification” section at the end.
  • Save and then print the PDF provided by DRA.
  • Submit the digital PDF to DRA using the appropriate email address listed at the bottom of the PDF.
  • Keep all of your printed and electronic reports in a safe place for your records.

Update notes and complete instructions on the MS-61 process will be outlined in our online documentation soon.

Meanwhile, while you’re anxiously awaiting the update, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. You will need Adobe Reader Version 11 to import the XML file into the PDF from the DRA.

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