Questions About Real Data Export

In the last few days, we’ve received inquiries from several of you about an email you’ve been sent referencing a data export for Real Data Corporation. Below is a summary in the event you have received the same email and also have questions.

More than a decade ago, when the DRA was partnered with Real Data Corporation (RDC) to provide data for the DRA’s equalization process, Avitar developed an integration with RDC to facilitate the exchange of sales data in support of the equalization process. The equalization process you completed directly within the Avitar software provided RDC with the detailed data necessary to analyze parcels that had sold, but it did not provide RDC with a summary of all parcels within the municipality. During this time, Avitar annually provided RDC with extract files which summarized all parcels within a municipality to assist RDC with the DRA equalization process. Avitar generated these data extracts annually for RDC using database backups provided to Avitar by municipalities.

Today, the DRA utilizes the Mosaic Equalization system supported by the UNH Technology Transfer Center (T2) instead of RDC to conduct the equalization process and Avitar has developed an integration with Mosaic. Additionally, in the last year RDC was purchased by the Warren Group, which has recently contacted towns directly to obtain data extracts for its own real estate database. With respect to this request from the Warren Group, we recommend that you treat it the same as you would treat requests from other private corporations or organizations wishing to obtain extracts of your assessment data. If you wish to do so, the GIS Export function (Utilities | Data Export | GIS Format) will provide them with similar data. However, they should know that the exact export format that was previously provided to RDC was removed from the Avitar application when the DRA ended its relationship with RDC.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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