New Tax Kiosk FAQ Page

We have added a new menu selection to the Tax Kiosk titled “FAQ” to assist your customers with common questions associated with the features and functions available on your Tax Kiosk. An added benefit will be fewer customers calling your office with these questions. The FAQ menu selection is accessible on the same menu bar as Home, Notices, Contact, and Log Off on your Tax Kiosk.


When your customer selects FAQ from the menu bar, a new window will open that lists six main topics with common questions and answers that are relevant to each topic.

In addition to the FAQ menu on your Tax Kiosk, you or your webmaster can add the FAQ link ( to your municipal website providing your customers with information before they leave your website. This FAQ link should ideally be placed near the preexisting link to the Tax Kiosk. If you don’t have a link to the Tax Kiosk, or the link is difficult to find on your website, this would be a great opportunity to review an earlier blog post that has some tips on ways to actively promote your Tax Kiosk. Having prominent links on your website will increase your Tax Kiosk traffic, increase online payments, and decrease the volume of phone calls and customer visits to your office. Below are a few examples of municipalities that have well placed links on their websites and consequently experience higher than average traffic on their Tax Kiosks:




So take a look at the new FAQ page – you may even learn something you didn’t already know – and compare your municipality’s website links to the examples above. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like Tax Kiosk buttons to add to your website.

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