The Next Tax Collect Update(s)

Many of you were able to attend our breakout vendor session at the annual New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association conference back in October. You may remember we devoted a portion of that time to previewing the next Tax Collect system update. You may also be wondering when you’ll be getting the update we discussed. You’ll be receiving part of the update in the next week or so. And the rest of the update you’ll be receiving in early 2016. Here’s what we mean:

Many of the update items — e.g. tweaks to notices, additional options for existing reports, etc. — do not affect any other Avitar software applications so we can accomplish them much easier, in isolation. However, several of the other update items we previewed — e.g. the possibility of migrating the maintenance of Additional Owners upstream to Assessing, the “Panoramic” parcel view with which users in Tax Collect can associate PDFs with parcels and see parcel PDFs and events from Assessing (and vice versa) — require a more “holistic” implementation and need to be coordinated with or preceded by updates to other Avitar applications like Assessing and Building Permits. And doing so will take some time.

As some of the uniquely Tax Collect update items relate to the Close Fiscal Period process  (e.g. fix to the Credits report when archiving at year end, inclusion of the Deeded Property Report in reports archived at year end) it didn’t make sense to delay a comprehensive Tax Collect update until everything was completed across every application — we just weren’t going to be done in time for the upcoming year end process (for most of you). So instead we will implement the changes we reviewed in two phases.

We’ll distribute more details and update notes with the update for the first phase in the coming days. But in the meantime you should — especially if your fiscal period ends on December 31st — expect to receive and download and install a Tax Collect update in the next week or so.

We’ll be in touch again soon. In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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