Solar energy — consideration of a warrant article

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular and systems are being installed across the State. In the past, there has been very little data to analyze in determining if these solar energy systems add to market value or not. We have been tracking this information and collecting data and will begin assessing these systems State-wide. In the meantime, you may want to consider adopting a solar energy exemption before any future assessments become an issue.

Some taxpayers are leasing space to solar companies and the companies are telling them that the taxpayers will not be assessed or taxed for the solar energy systems — either initially or at any time in the future. This is not necessarily correct and, as such, we proactively want to notify as many of you as possible to dispel this inaccuracy.

At some point in the near future we will have enough market information to being including assessments for solar energy systems. For those of you in towns that have adopted a solar energy exemption, future assessments on solar energy systems will have little to no effect, as the taxpayers will merely file for the exemption. However, for those of you in towns that have not adopted a solar energy exemption, I would urge you to consider adding this as a warrant article. I have some sample language I can distribute to you if you are interested. My recommendation is that the exemption language should clearly indicate it is for the added assessed value and NOT the cost of the system.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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