Avitar Clerk Vision Update

The implementation of the new drivers licensing system (VISION) is fast approaching and we expect to distribute the Avitar Clerk 3.0.0 update that is compatible with the impending MAAP VISION changes to you on Monday, February 13th at 10:00 a.m.  Here are a few key requirements and dates to remember:

Key requirements:

  • Hopefully, you have imported the March DMV monthly renewal file already. You must import the March renewal file prior to the implementation of the VISION system scheduled to be in operation Wednesday, February 22nd or you will not be able to produce March renewal notices.
  • You will need to be certain that you install the 3.0.0 update on all of your workstations by the end of day on Tuesday, February 21st, or you will not be able to process transactions on Wednesday, February 22nd. You can install the update at any point prior to that so it’s probably a good idea to install the week of the 13th.
  • As long as you have installed the Avitar Clerk 3.0.0 update by the time VISION is implemented by the state you will not have to make any changes within your Avitar system — it is programmed to seamlessly implement the VISION compatibility.
  • The update notes that accompany the Avitar update will highlight any slight changes you may need to expect within the VISION environment.
  • Note that if you only use the Browser Module within Avitar Clerk (i.e. you utilize the DMV browser to actually process MV transactions) you should still install this update.

The implementation schedule for the VISION system and how it affects Avitar clients remains unchanged. (If you missed it you can refer to our earlier post.) To summarize, here are the key dates:

  • Monday, February 13th —  Avitar Clerk 3.0.0 Update available for install.
  • Thursday, February 16th — Last day to complete state work.
  • Friday, February 17th — Process Town Only.
  • Monday, February 20th — Process Town Only.
  • Tuesday, February 21th — Process Town Only.
  • Wednesday, February 22nd — Process Town and State utilizing new VISION functionality.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns. And keep your eyes on your email Monday, February 13th for notification from us that the update is available to download and install.

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