New Tools for Paperless Billing on the Tax Kiosk

Those of you with the Comprehensive Tax Kiosk option offer taxpayers paperless billing notifications from your tax kiosk. During the last billing cycle we received calls from some of you inquiring about the status of paperless mail batches and the details of paperless recipients and their parcels. To help you answer these questions in the future we added the following two pages to the Tax Kiosk that allow you to search for email address and review email history.


To access the pages log in to your Tax Kiosk as you would to edit messages or customize the notifications.

The first page is REVIEW DAILY NOTIFICATIONS which lists the days on which the Tax Kiosk has sent a mailing. The list is ordered from most recent mailing to the older mailings. In addition there is a details link that allows you to drill down into the email batch and view the recipients, type of email, and the parcels billed.

The second page is RESEARCH EMAIL ADDRESS. This page allows you to search for any email address to see if that address is associated with paperless billing. The page will display the email address, the date the person chose to go paperless, and the date the person replied to the paperless confirmation email. Like the preview pages there is a details link that allows you to drill down into the details of the email to view the parcels that are currently signed up for paperless delivery under this email account, the billed owner name, and the town name. (Note: Because a person, as represented by their email address, can own property in more than one town you may occasionally see a parcel listed that is not in your town — you can ignore these if they appear.) Finally, the page displays a complete history of every email that was sent to this email address from your town.

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