Hardship Registrations – New Process

DMV has changed the Hardship registration process for customers that have moved to New Hampshire from another state, have an out of state lien holder, and also have a registration due to expire within 20 days.

Previously, if your customer had a lien holder on their vehicle and was relocating to New Hampshire, you had to process the transaction as a Hardship registration, which created a town only title application and registration. They would then head to a DMV office to get 60 day plates. As soon as title bureau was able to retrieve the original title from the lien holder, they mailed metal plates to your customer.

DMV is no longer issuing 60 day hardship plates, which means you will now process the town and state portion of the title and registration for a new resident to New Hampshire. As part of this new process, you will issue the customer regular metal plates from your inventory. Previously, we had you process this type of registration through a menu selection of New Registrations | Hardship Registration-PS, which defaulted the title and registration to town only. You should no longer use this selection, as you will need to process the town and state portion of the transaction. To avoid confusion, we will remove the menu option in the next update.

To process a registration and title for a new resident to New Hampshire, regardless of whether the lien holder has the title application, select New Registration with PS and process just as if the customer had the title in hand. You will issue new plates and decals from your inventory and let your customer know they should contact their lien holder and let them know they have relocated to New Hampshire and that the Title Bureau will be contacting them to retrieve the title.



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