Warning re: Sketchy Links to Your Tax Kiosk

We have recently implemented some changes on the Avitar Tax Kiosk web site designed to eliminate warnings some visitors to the site may see in their web browsers. Consequently, you and/or your web site administrator should check to make sure any existing links on your municipal website that direct taxpayers to the Tax Kiosk are still working as anticipated. Here are the details:

Originally, many links from municipal web sites to the Avitar Tax Kiosk were added using the plain old HTTP protocol (e.g. “http://yourtown.nhtaxkiosk.com“). Initially most of the kiosk sites were view-only. And since some municipalities then began accepting payments, all of the sensitive financial information has always been collected on the credit card processor’s web site (via HTTPS) so it hasn’t been critical to require the more secure HTTPS protocol on the Tax Kiosk itself. Nonetheless, years ago we added a secure SSL certificate for the site, enabling it to communicate via both HTTP and the more secure HTTPS protocol.

But lately, more and more internet browsers are warning and/or flat-out preventing users from visiting sites that are not communicating via HTTPS. As such, we have recently added a setting on the Tax Kiosk so that if a visitor either types or clicks on a link that is plain old HTTP, they will be redirected to communicate with the site using HTTPS, thus avoiding security warnings from their browsers (as well as calls to your office or ours). However, if you have existing links on your municipal website you should double-check that they still work as you or your web site administrator may need to update them.

Examples of Links That Work:


Examples of Links THAT DO NOT WORK:


(The *.nhtaxkiosk.com wildcard SSL certificate can authenticate the “www.nhtaxkiosk” and “chichester.nhtaxkiosk” subdomains individually, but not both at the same time as in “www.chichester.nhtaxkiosk” so just get rid of the “www.”.)

If you have any questions or problems you can actually try the link in question and/or call us for assistance.

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