Avitar Update – COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, we are planning to return to full operation on May 4th with some field review in Towns starting on April 27th. However, this may result in the need for us to cancel or reschedule some contract assessing days as we need to focus on finishing the new construction work in preparation of the 1st issue tax warrant and starting update work to remain on schedule for completion. I have worked diligently to keep on schedule as best as possible. If there has been a change to your scheduled May contract day, your Assessor will be in touch with you directly. While we may not be able to come to Town for that contract day we are still planning on completing whatever tasks are needed. If you have any exemption/credit applications that need reviewing you can scan and email them over to us and we will take care of reviewing and responding back to you asap. Also, if we assist you with deed entry, deeds can be printed and scanned and emailed over as well and we will login and update your records.

The major impact to the rescheduled field work, is that some of our Towns will not have the new construction work done and entered timely to meet the May 15th statutory deadline for the 1st issue Tax Warrant. It looks like some of these communities will be see a delay in their Tax Warrant and we are anticipating all of the April 1st work will be done and entered and warrants processed no later than June 5th. While late, this will only be for a few and should not push out the first issue due date much past the normal July 1st due date. We know this can have a fiscal impact on communities and are working diligently to minimize the impact.

If you are a community that has a Town wide update in progress, we have had to do some rescheduling but do not anticipate any issues meeting the contractual deadlines. We are not sure at this point how the informal hearing process will play out and may need to hold informal hearings by phone to minimize contact and congregating in larger groups, but it is still too early to tell at this point. We appreciate your patience at this difficult time and want to assure you that we will meet all of our contractual obligations with only minimal delays.

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