Availability of Some Avitar Web Sites

As many of you have heard, the servers that support Avitar’s websites were victims of a much larger scale and coordinated attack on the national hosting provider that hosts our websites. As a precaution, the provider was forced to take all of the websites they host offline. We are still waiting to be able to assess the full effect of this attack on our sites once connectivity is restore — there is a possibility that in the next few hours our original servers may be back online.

However, in the meantime we have been transitioning our websites over the last 48 hours to new resources as follows:

Avitar Assessing Kiosk

Publicly available assessment information can be found here. Note that we are still in the process of migrating our security certificates to these new servers so you may get a warning from your web browser that the site is not secure — for the time being we are making all information publicly available without subscription so even if you traditionally access the site using a user name and password for now select the Guest option. Also note that if you are a subscriber we will be extending your subscription by a month once the dust settles.

Avitar Motor Vehicle Price Quotes

Motor vehicle price quotes for the costs to register/renew motor vehicles in several municipalities is available here. We are updating this site with more recent vehicle/model years so in the case of recent vehicles your best option will be to enter the list price and model year of the vehicle. However, this site will be updated.

Avitar Tax Collect Kiosk

We are still working to restore this service — there are approximately 100 unique municipal sites within this portal, each with separate login credentials and configurations, and this is taking time. We hope to be able to provide more information and at least limited availability by Monday.

In General

It is worth reiterating that no credit card or payment information — whether for property tax payments made on the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk or for Assessing Internet Kiosk subscriptions — is ever maintained on any of Avitar’s servers. Additionally, there is no indication that any data has been compromised or misappropriated.

This is a fluid and ongoing situation and we apologize for the disruption this has caused all of us. We appreciate the patience and understanding many of you have already expressed.

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