Avitar Tax Kiosk Update — Tuesday 11/24/2020

After the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk was migrated to a new website over the weekend many of you were able to upload your data on Monday. If you contacted us yesterday about being unable to upload your data and we were not able to follow up with you yesterday we will be doing so this morning. Those of you who were not open Monday should go ahead and try to upload your data this morning.

If you accept online payments on your kiosk…
At this time we have disabled the online payments options for each municipality. Our priority Tuesday will be working to enable these individually and verify that everything from the new website (biller IDs, certificates, etc.) directs properly to your payment process and back again. We will contact you individually when your portal is able to accept payments.

If you have the option for Paperless Notifications and PDF Invoices…
This function is not working right now and we won’t be able to address it until the online payments have been enabled. We recommend you do the following:

  • Print your bills as you would normally.
  • Export your bills to PDF as you would normally and just save them for now — you will not be able to upload them at this time but if you have the PDFs locally from the time you sent your bills we should be able to upload them retroactively.
  • In addition to printing your normal batch of bills you should print and mail bills for the group that is normally paperless. (There is a little PDF icon on the right to display the group of bills and you can print them as you would normally.)
  • Do not attempt to download/update your list of paperless recipients — you will get inaccurate or no results. Just leave these for now and we will address synchronizing the recipients later.

If you still need to upload your data for the first time this week…
You should attempt to do so this morning.

  • Start your Tax Collect program.
  • Upload your current data to the new website — “Utilities | Internet Kiosk… | Upload Data to Kiosk” and then press the “Update Kiosk…” button.
  • Email us at collectsupport@avitarassociates.com and tell us you have uploaded your data.
  • We will then be able to update the data and make your Tax Collect portal available — this might take an hour or two.
  • If you have problems uploading your data…
  • If you get an error saying you cannot connect, email us at collectsupport@avitarassociates.com as there were a few of you for whom we had to use new FTP credentials.

If you were able to upload your data yesterday…
Keep uploading your data as you would normally at the end of the day.

Again, we appreciate your patience and assistance.

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