Utility vs. Non-Utility Receipt and Deposit Flavors

Did you know Avitar Collect has a setting that allows those of you who process payments for municipal water and/or sewer invoices to isolate utility receipts separate from property tax payment receipts?

Once this setting has been enabled (Utilities | Town Settings | Rates, Fees, Deposits), when payments are processed, the receipts are assigned either a utility “flavor” or a non-utility “flavor”. This means you can keep credits that result from overpayments or deleted transactions on utility invoices from being applied to property invoices in error, and vice versa.

If you choose to use this functionality, you will also be able to filter your deposits at the end of the day to process a utility deposit and a separate non-utility deposit. The reporting of both utility and non-utility is still combined on all other reports (e.g. MS-61, Collections Year To Date, Monthly Balance, etc.).

There are several aspects to this utility/non-utility receipt flavor configuration, but if you have been struggling with your own technique of prefixing receipts and/or using Post-Its to try to keep utility payments separated, check out our online documentation: Filter Deposit by Flavor and Prepare Receipts by Property vs. Utility Flavor.

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