Paperless Billing: Adding and Removing Email

We have had numerous calls as of late, regarding how to add someone to, or remove someone from, Paperless Billing. We thought a short blog post was warranted.

Paperless Billing is an option that, if your town has the Tax Kiosk Comprehensive configuration, and it is enabled, provides online PDF invoices and paperless notifications. When a taxpayer makes a payment on the Tax Kiosk, prior to submitting the shopping cart to Invoice Cloud for payment, the payer will be asked if they wish to opt-in to receive notice of future tax bill invoices electronically by email rather than by mail.

It is best to have your customer opt-in to Paperless Billing online, however, if they are in your office, are having difficulty opting-in themselves, or would like to opt-in but not make a payment online, you may initiate the opt-in confirmation email process for them from within Tax Collect:

  1. Log in to Avitar Collect.
  2. Find the parcel.
  3. Select any Invoice (paid or unpaid) for the taxpayer.
  4. Click the Edit Invoice Menu.
  5. Click Internet Kiosk Settings.
  6. Click Paperless/Email Settings.
  7. Check the box titled Provide This Parcel’s Invoices Paperlessly.
  8. Enter customer’s email address.
  9. Click OK.

Note, until the customer completes the process they will not be scheduled to receive Paperless Bill Notifications. Make sure your customer watches for an email from the Internet Kiosk. They will need to confirm this request by clicking a link in that email.

Removing Paperless Billing

Let’s say a property has been sold. The previous customer had Paperless Billing, but no longer needs to receive electronic invoices. You can remove the Paperless Billing by following the above steps, except uncheck the box labeled Provide This Parcel’s Invoices Paperlessly.

To finalize either process, you must continue with the following steps the next day:

  1. Click Utilities.
  2. Click Internet Kiosk.
  3. Click Download All Paperless.

This functionality is only available as part of the Comprehensive Tax Kiosk configuration. Please click the following link for additional information on Paperless Billing found in our online documentation: Avitar Tax Collect Internet Kiosk.

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