NH Motor Vehicle Kiosk Upload

Avitar developed the NH Motor Vehicle Kiosk at the request of several client municipalities to enable residents to obtain an estimate of how much it will cost to register or renew their motor vehicle without having to call the clerk. When enabled within a community, this website (also referred to as Avitar’s Online Price Quote application) produces estimates by matching the customer’s vehicle to actual registrations of similar vehicles in the website’s database, and providing the customer with the average cost, as well as the highest cost, for registrations of similar vehicles.

Because the website uses transaction data from past registrations to estimate the costs for future registrations, the accuracy of the estimates the website provides is only as good as the data in the Motor Vehicle Kiosk database. Therefore, if your municipality has this functionality, you will need to periodically upload data from your local database. To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Avitar Clerk
  2. Click Utilities | DMV Monthly Renewals | Upload Price Estimate Data
  3. Click Upload

NOTE: You may need to run the uploader (possibly multiple times) until you receive a message “there are no results to send.”  It is important that you close and re-open the uploader between each upload. 

For more useful tips, please refer to our online documentation.

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