Informational Pop-Up Windows in Clerk

When processing a title and/or registration, there are many fields you may be unsure as to which option you should select. To better assist you in determining the correct option for these fields, we have added informational pop-up windows. To view the additional information, click on the label and an informational pop-up message will display. This functionality has been added to the following labels:

  • Last/Business Name – Displays DMV’s list of company registration months.
  • And/Or – Explains when to use each option on titles.
  • Joint Survivorship – Definition.
  • Purchased, Purchased Date, and Odometer – Helps you determine the proper Odometer and Date of Purchase to enter, and whether the vehicle should be listed as New or Used.
  • ID Type – Helps you determine the proper customer ID Type.
  • VIN – Guides you directly to the Chevrolet VIN Decoder website that DMV has approved for use in determining vehicle information that was not in Redbook.
  • Fuel, Model, Model Year, Body Style – Assists you in determining the proper values to enter in these fields.
  • Color – Displays abbreviation to use for each color.
  • Plate#/Chk – Displays Vanity Plate Hints.
  • Full/Business Name label (Lienholder Information section) – Displays instructions on how to remove a lienholder from a title when a customer has paid off the loan.
  • Gross Weight or Axles – Both categories will show the maximum GVW per axle.
  • Type/Cat – A message will display asking if you want to view DMV plate type information. If you select “Yes”, a list of all DMV plate types will open in your browser.
  • Process Header (e.g. 12 Month Renewal Registration, Title Application – AP) – When you are processing transactions, at the top of the screen is the Process Header, which tells you what process you are doing (e.g. 12 Month Renewal Registration). If you click the Process Header, additional information will display.

Please see our online documentation for more useful tips.

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