Real Estate Services Payment Tender

In our last update (Collect 7.0.5), we added a new payment tender option when processing Real Estate Services payments. If your municipality has opted to have your Real Estate Services tax payments electronically transferred directly into your municipal bank account, as opposed to getting actual checks in the mail, we added the option to enable ACHRE as a tender type. Previously, your only option was to show each imported payment with the tender type of CHECK.

To enable the new ACHRE tender type:

  • Utilities | Town Settings | Rates, Fees, Deposits tab
  • Select Use Electronic Tender Types (EFT)
  • Select Enable ACHRE Tender for Real Estate Service Payments checkbox.
  • Apply Changes.

Once you have imported the Real Estate Service payment file, run the reports, and are ready to Apply the payments (Utilities | Real Estate Services | Process Payments), you will also need to check the “Real Estate Service Payment was made by ACH” checkbox. Utilizing this process will allow you to deposit the ACHRE transactions only, even if there are other tender types (check/cash/credit card) waiting to be deposited. When creating your deposit, simply select “Electronic-ACHRE Only” from the Tender dropdown box.

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