Online Help Improvements & FAQ Shortcut

We have been working incredibly hard to update and streamline the Avitar online documentation. We’ve been adding step-by-step instructions for most processes to compliment the explainers that were there already. For example, on the Lien Notice topic, there is a link to the RSA, there is a section you can expand for “Understanding The Process”, and there is a step-by-step set of guidelines you can expand for “Show Me How To Do It.” It’s a really nice improvement and we recommend you take a look at it whenever you need a little assist.

To access through the program:

  • Select Help | Help Topics on the program’s main screen.
  • Within a particular dialog box, click on any blue question mark icon to directly access context specific help for that dialog box.
  • Add a bookmark for the site in your browser at

We also added an FAQs button on the toolbar, which gives you easy access to the most frequently asked questions. To access this functionality, simply click this FAQs button to view the list in your internet browser.

Please take a moment to review these, as well as other Frequently Asked Questions… and check back often as we are updating periodically.

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