Updating the Tax Kiosk

The Avitar Tax Collect Internet Kiosk allows you to easily make invoice and transaction records available on the Internet for taxpayers, mortgagees, banks, and title companies to view and pay at any time of day without having to contact you. Therefore, you should get in the habit of regularly (or, at the very least, periodically) updating your Tax Kiosk data online.

To update your tax information online:

  • Select Utilities | Internet Kiosk | Upload Data to Kiosk
  • Click the Update Kiosk Data tab
  • Select Close once the progress bars are complete.

Please note that changes you upload are not immediately visible online. Previously, our updater ran every two hours, but the number of municipalities now using the service, as well as the number of services that need to run for each municipality (e.g., update invoices, import PDFs, email paperless recipients, etc.), prevents us from running the update process as frequently. Even though the message that displays on your screen after updating still indicates that changes will be reflected online in two hours, the Tax Kiosk online update process now runs nightly between 8:00PM and 2:00AM.

Important: Keep this schedule in mind after you have executed your lien, as the absolute earliest the new 20xxL01 will show online will be after 8:00PM, and until that time, the old 20xxP01s and 20xxP02s will still show. Therefore, if you have turned off the ability for taxpayers to pay invoices online, you will want to turn on the ability to pay invoices online the DAY AFTER you have executed your lien.

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