Assessing Internet Kiosk – Assessment Card PDFs

We are pleased to announce a new add-on feature for the Assessing Internet Kiosk which gives your municipality the ability to upload PDF copies of individual assessment cards to the Assessing Internet Kiosk for online users to print and/or download actual assessment cards in PDF format.  Keep reading for more details on the features and requirements for implementation.

This new add-on functionality is seamlessly integrated into the existing Assessing Internet Kiosk:

  • With this option enabled, you can periodically export batches of individual property record cards (for one or two parcels or for the entire database, based on the current recordset) from your Avitar Assessing system to a folder on your computer. From there, you can upload the property record cards to your Assessing Internet Kiosk town portal using credentials provided by Avitar.
  • When selecting parcels for which an Assessment Card PDF is available, online users will be able to click on a PDF icon to access the Assessment Card PDF to download and/or print. For a sample illustrating the “PDF” button with a PDF assessment card you can go HERE. (Note that you’ll first need to search and select a property in the town.)

The following requirements are necessary for you to be to add the PDF functionality:

  • This feature is available on the Assessing Internet Kiosk in conjunction with the Expanded Configuration where complete assessment information (i.e. detailed assessment card information) is available publicly to all online users who access the database using an anonymous/guest login.
  • There will be a relatively nominal annual cost for the additional functionality, based on the parcel count of your municipality, to cover the PDF additional storage that will be required.

Let us know if you’re interested, we can send you detailed price information for adding this feature to your Assessing Internet Kiosk.

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