Assigning Decal Color to 2014 Decal Inventory

DMV is in the process of delivering the 2014 decal inventory. Once you receive the decals, the inventory will need to be added into the Avitar Clerk system. We’re aware that everyone knows how to add a batch of decals to the system; however, it is worth reiterating the process to change the decal background color in the system to match the current year decal color.

Decals are made with each year having a different background color. The color for 2014 happens to be orange. In order to assist you in visually making sure you are giving the correct year decal, you can assign a background color of orange to the 2014 decals. Then when you are processing a registration with an expiration date of 2014, the decal text box will display as orange, giving you a visual of the decal you should be giving to your customer.

The best time to assign the background color is when you are entering the first batch of decals for that given year. To begin, go to Utilities | System Administration | Decal Inventory and select Add Batch. Enter the batch’s Beginning and Ending Decal numbers, Year Decal, and select Open for the Status. Then, double click in the Decal Year text box to display a color grid, which will allow you to select the 2014 color of orange.

Setting Decal Color

When you have made your selection and click OK, a message will display asking if you want to change the color of the text contained in the decal text boxes. The only time you would want to change the text color would be if the decals are a dark color and the decal numbers will not be seen unless you change the text color. For example, if the background color for the decals is dark blue, you would want to change the text color from black to white in order to see the decal number. If you answer No the system will default to black text. If you answer Yes, the color grid will display for you to select the text color. Once you have entered the decal inventory and changed the background color, select Add to finish the Add Batch process.

Note, if you have already entered your 2014 decals but have not assigned a background color, simply select any 2014 decal in the Decal Maintenance grid and click Modify. Double click in the Decal Year text box and select the color.

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