Ability to “Re-Notice” Parcels for Deeding

In order to assist our tax collectors who found themselves in the position of needing to send a second Deed Notice to a taxpayer, we added the Re-Notice Previous button to the Deed Notice dialog box.  Below you’ll find a brief description of a typical scenario in which you might need to utilize the Re-Notice Previous button, as well as instructions for doing so.

Typically, you need to send a second notice after a taxpayer fails to honor a payment agreement made with the selectmen to postpone the deeding of a parcel. For example, let’s say you sent your deed notices in April and in May the selectmen decided they would accept a payment plan for a taxpayer who is having difficulty paying his bill. The agreement states that if the taxpayer misses a payment the selectmen will deed the property. So, when in October the taxpayer has not made his payments, the selectmen instruct you to deed the parcel.

In order to comply with the law, you must send another deed notice to the taxpayer and any mortgagee(s) giving them an additional 30 days to pay before deeding the property. As you already sent a deed notice to the owner for this invoice showing a deed date in May, you will need to create a second notice with the new deed date.

To create a second notice, from the main menu choose Utilities | Tax Deed Notice. The Deed Notice dialog box displays. The Re-Notice button will appear if you have lien invoices that have received Deed Notices yet still have outstanding balances. To start the process select the Re-Notice Previous button to review the list of invoices. Select the invoice you want to re-notice from the grid and select the Re-Notice Owner button. This will create a group of one invoice with which you can process the Deed Notice a second time.

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