Clerk Update 2.6.9 Follow Up

We distributed update 2.6.9 for the Avitar Clerk/MV system several weeks ago. Unlike previous updates that were provided on CD, we provided update 2.6.9 via email notification and electronic download. If this is all coming as a surprise to you and/or you have yet to download and install the update please contact us. Also, we wanted to highlight several of the key features included in this update. Keep in mind, depending on your municipality and your configuration, some of these topics may not apply to you.

Features for MAAP Motor Vehicle Module Users

Simplified/Unified Printing: Over the last several months DMV has upgraded the MAAP system to allow you to utilize the Lexmark T640 laser printer for all your printing requirements.

What does this mean? With this update, we will migrate your printer configuration to eliminate the need for any impact printers. You will be able to print Title Applications, Town-Only Registrations, DMV Receipts, and Short Slips from the same printer you currently use to print Registrations. Additionally, you will be able to perform check validation on the state Lexmark T640 laser printer.

When can you get rid of your impact printers? We need to coordinate your migration with you and DMV – i.e. you cannot just flip a switch in your software. We have already converted several pilot municipalities and will be continuing the implementation in the remaining communities over the next several weeks and months. We will contact you when it’s your turn to verify that you are ready to convert.

What do you need to do before then? In order to be ready to convert you must have installed update 2.6.9 of Avitar Clerk/MV. Note however, that you will not magically be converted over to the new printing configuration simply by installing the update – it is necessary but not sufficient and we will need to assist you with the final process when it’s your turn. Additionally, in preparation you will need to order adequate inventory of the following DMV forms:

  1. RDMV 344 “Blank Registration – 3-Up. State Seal Only” – This blank stock is what you currently use to print registrations. In the future you will also be using it for duplicate registrations forms, plate/decal replacements forms, receipts, and town-only registrations.
  2. TDMV23B Application for Certificate of Title – You will use this form in place of your current TDMV 23A triplicate form.

These forms can all be ordered from the warehouse using the TOWN/CITY REQUISITION FORM. Make sure you have enough on hand and we will be contacting you individually in the coming weeks to coordinate your conversion.

Warning Message for Late Renewals due to Expire: We have added a warning message to alert you (so you can alert your customer) if the registration a customer wants to renew is about to expire (i.e. 1 year & 1 day).

Driver’s License/Owner ID Required for Title Applications: In order to comply with DMV’s titling requirements, we are no longer auto-populating the Title Application with the Owner ID(s) of the owner(s). You will now find two new ID boxes under the Seller Information on the Title Application screen (ID1 and ID2) which you can use to manually enter the Owner ID(s).

Automated Payments: With the recent update, registrations that were previously processed for non-residents cannot be renewed in the automated payment process (i.e. for those of you that process lockbox and/or online payments) until the registrant’s residency status is verified. These registrations must be processed manually.

Features for Dog License Module Users

Notice Changes: We have updated all the dog notices (i.e. renewal notice, rabies notification, notice of civil forfeiture, as well as a new notice for invoicing owners with outstanding charges) in order to make them uniform.

Dog License Changes: Individual dog licenses will now print just once on a full sheet of paper. The owner mailing information is now at the top of the form, allowing you the ability to mail the dog license to the owner in a window envelope. We did this in response to a number of requests from users that it would be easier to mail this way. Unfortunately, now it only prints one copy of the license (versus one page with a copy on top and bottom). Currently, if you need a second copy for your files, you will need to either print two copies or photocopy the license.  However, in the next update we will resolve this by printing a single dog license with an owner address for mailing on the top third and a copy of the license on each of the middle and bottom thirds, hopefully satisfying everyone. Sorry if we crossed up some of you in the meantime.

Added Dog Search Criteria: You now have the option of searching for a dog by the owner’s street address. Once on the Dog Owner Search screen, enter any part of the owner’s address into the Address text box and select Search. The system will return all dogs licensed at that address. This can be useful for finding a dog in a household with multiple owners with different last names.

Dog Charges: The dog module now has the ability to add charges to a specific dog. Typical uses for this function include Nuisance, Vicious Dog, and Menace Charges. This process is used to enter charges that will be collected at a later time. For example, if a police officer issues a vicious dog fine to a resident for their dog that bit someone, you could add the charge to the dog and then generate an invoice/bill to mail to the owner.

Charge Maintenance: Charge maintenance is used to view, pay, or forgive charges, as well as print an invoice to send to the customer.

Unlicensed Dog Charges: We have integrated a new function to assist you in capturing all outstanding dog licensing fees for when a dog has not been licensed for multiple years. What this means for you is that if a dog has not been licensed for a previous year(s), when the customer finally comes in to license the dog, the system will add the total of all the outstanding license(s), with their corresponding fees, and add them to the cart at Fee Settlement. You can elect to remove these charges from the cart if necessary (e.g. the owner actually moved out-of-town during the intervening years and only recently moved back), but for the owners on which you want to collect the past charges you will no longer have to manually cycle through licensing the dog(s) for each past year.

Features for Users of All Modules

Owner Comments: We have added the ability to add Owner Comments, in addition to Post-Its. The feature was initially used when we were converting certain municipalities that maintained notes in their legacy software for preservation. However, we felt it may benefit you as well, as it provides a method in which you can have a running commentary or narrative for specific owners.


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