Invoice Cloud Adjustment File Error Messages

We want those of you who use Avitar Clerk/MV in conjunction with Invoice Cloud to be aware of an Adjustment File upload error message you may receive and to provide you with information and solutions for future or past occurrences. First, let’s review the types of Invoice Cloud uploads and the expected outcomes of those uploads before we discuss why you need to be proactive when you receive an Adjustment File error message.

Manual Uploads to Invoice Cloud Portal

Online invoices are first created for motor vehicle and dog license renewals when you manually upload renewal files to your Invoice Cloud portal. Whether you are uploading invoices for motor vehicle renewals or you are uploading invoices for dog license renewals, the renewal files that you upload to the Invoice Cloud portal include unpaid invoices only. For example, if John Doe’s motor vehicle is due for renewal next month and he renewed his vehicle at your counter yesterday, the vehicle renewal file you generated today for upload to the Invoice Cloud portal would not include John Doe’s vehicle renewal information. By only uploading unpaid or unrenewed invoices we avoid having the Invoice Cloud portal sending paperless email notices to registered users that may have already paid.

Automatic Uploads to Invoice Cloud Portal

In contrast to the manual invoice upload process, when you deposit payments within Avitar Clerk, the program automatically uploads an Adjustment File to mark any corresponding online invoices as paid for items that were included in your deposit. We do this so that customers enrolled with Invoice Cloud for paperless billing will not receive any further email reminders about unpaid invoices that were actually paid at the office since the online invoice was first created. Additionally, by using the Adjustment File to mark corresponding online invoices as paid, we prevent people from renewing an invoice online if they or their spouse already did so in person or by mail. (It happens and when it does you get stuck holding a credit.)

Error Message FAQs

So, we have reviewed expected outcomes of the uploaded files. Now we can review what to do in the event you see an Adjustment File error message. Please note that, although the message does not prohibit you from resuming normal activity in the Avitar Clerk program, you should be mindful of the message and contact us as soon as possible so that we may resubmit the Adjustment File to Invoice Cloud to update your portal.

What is the error message and when would it occur?

The error message is the result of a failed transmission of the Adjustment File to your Invoice Cloud portal. If the transmission fails you will see the error message after you deposit a batch of payments.

What does the error message say?

The error message box indicates that there was an error sending an Invoice Cloud Adjustment File and it looks like this:


 What would happen if I saw the message and forgot to call Avitar?

The Invoice Cloud portal will not reflect customer payments that were not made online. Consequently, registered customers may receive email reminders to submit payment for invoices they’ve already paid and subsequently contact you about the error.

Is the error common?

No, but in the event the error occurs you need to contact us.

Why does the error occur?

The error can occur either because you are creating a deposit on a computer on which the required application components have not been installed or because your computer is unable to communicate with Invoice Cloud at the time you create the deposit.

How can I tell if I might have received this message in the past?

If you are unsure whether you may have seen this error message in the past you can check past events in the system’s Event Viewer for any instances of unsuccessful uploads. To check the Event Viewer:

  • Select the Help | Event Viewer menu item.
  • Select “ALL” from the event type dropdown list.
  • Select a wide date range (e.g. 12-01-2014 to 04-01-15) in the following date selectors.
  • Include “ALL” tellers in the next dropdown list.
  • Type “Adjustment File” in the description box to limit the events to those related to Adjustment Files.

If the search was successful in locating an error event the results would include the deposit number (e.g. “Invoice Cloud Adjustment File for deposit 2015000126 was unsuccessful”) and you should call us so we can upload any Adjustment Files that failed. If your search returned no results, but you are fairly certain it should have, give us a call as well.

If you are mindful of possible errors or problems as they occur and take the time to resolve them it will prevent you from having to deal with future calls from registered customers that get confusing or misleading emails.

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